Friday, May 3, 2013

Yummy flavor: XING kununus through as it wishes...

"A Translation from Jannis Tsalikis' Blog Entry: "Lecker Geschmäckle: XING kununut sich durch, wie es will"

There are things happening on XING (almost to be considered as a German LinkedIn) which I find suspicious somehow. Is that alright with you? Since the take-over of kununu by XING, the employer review platform kununu is integrated without saying and as it wishes. For instance, even I - as Premium Account Member - am spammed over with ads which ask me to participate in a sweepstake competition (!) where I should review my employer. Why are they allowed to do that? AND: Does that actually match? Employer review and sweepstake? Hmmm, ... (look at the ad I just got in a mail)

("It is your turn: Review your employer now! Win a week in San Fransisco for 2")

Company profiles on XING, financed by the companies themselves, have the "Review-your -employer"-button included. I cannot remember when I was asked to allow such ... probably included in the small print ?!

Well, one is not forced to fill out the review. However, it does have a flavor when earning money with two portals and pushing one of them through a sweepstake (on the other). On top of that, kununu used to be held just because of its relatively neutral way once. Can this spirit last with all this business? Questions over questions. I am looking forward to your opinions.


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